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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Events: February Working Party

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd February 2013: Working Party, Daisy Nook [info: 0161 355 5557]
Our second working party of 2013 is a two-day party with the support of Waterway Recovery Group. This will be our second weekend working on the Tameside section of the canal running towards Littlemoss.

Why not come along and join in? Even if you have not been on a working party before, you will be made welcome! Big muscles are not essential as you can be given work to suit your capabilities! You can come along on just one day or on both days.

Meet at Daisy Nook Car Park, Stannybrook Road, at 9.30 am on each day. Strong footwear and waterproof clothing recommended. Lunch and hot drinks will be available for a small charge.

Please phone our Working Party Organiser, Mike, on 0161 355 5557 for more information. space

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  1. yet more trees cut down,these were 7-8ft from the canal edge, not doing anybody any harm. why not cut down the trees,when you`ve actually done some work on clearing out the canal itself.