Hollinwood Canal Society News

Tuesday 29 June 2010

Noah’s Ark moors up at Daisy Nook!

As part of Oldham Countryside Service’s improvements  to Daisy Nook Country Park, a children’s play area has been constructed in the shape of a boat.

Constructed mostly of wood, the boat has already been nicknamed by a number of visitors as “Noah’s Ark”!

A wooden walkway crosses a pond-dipping area in front of the boat, with a wall representing a pair of lock gates.

Canal pedants have pointed out  that the “boat” represents a wide beamed vessel, rather than a narrow boat such as would have been seen on the Hollinwood Canal.

However, the Society is delighted that the design of this superb play area reflects the important role that boats played in the history of the Daisy Nook area.