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Friday 30 December 2011

Events: January Working Party Postponed

7th/8th January 2012: Working Party, Daisy Nook
Unfortunately, it has been necessary to postpone the working party weekend planned for 7th/8th January.

It had been hoped to work for the fist time on a section of the canal route in the borough of Tameside. The Countryside Service member who deals with this section of canal broke his foot and the meeting to decide what work could be done had to be called off. Since this was to be our first co-operation with Tameside Council and we were yet to establish what could and could not be done, we felt that we should wait until we were able to meet with him rather than a colleague who may be less familiar with the area and what we might tackle.

We would have continued with the weekend, but in our usual location of Daisy Nook, except there had been a request for the WRG team to help with some work on the Grantham Canal that had a deadline. We were asked if we wouldn't mind letting WRG go to Grantham instead and we agreed that this was a good idea.

Sadly, this meant losing our own January working party, as we are not able to muster enough volunteers without WRG. An alternative date has not yet been decided. Please check the web site again in the future.

If you have any question, please phone our Working Party Organiser, Mike, on 0161 355 5557.

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